Labyrinth Peace Park

Labyrinth Dedication

The Labyrinth Peace Park was dedicated on the final day of the last century “for the nourishment of our spirits and the development of a just and loving community.” It was rededicated on April 23, 2015 in honor of the addition of the new geodesic dome sculpture. This beautiful park, provided at the north side of Gaia House Interfaith Center by generous friends and supporters, includes a small waterfall and pond, flowering plants, shading trees, benches, a picnic table, and a specially designed labyrinth.

How do you walk a Labyrinth?

Once you enter, simply follow the path to the center and then turn around to follow the path back out. Different people approach the labyrinth in different ways. Some are serious and quiet, using the process to think, pray, or meditate. Some are playful about walking the labyrinth and find that it brightens their mood.

Three-Stage Walk

Many people find it helpful to divide a labyrinth into three parts. First, as you walk to the center, let go of anything that is bothering you. Part two, in the center, is used to focus. Some pray, meditate or take a deep breath to find new ways of approaching life. Part three, as you walk out of the labyrinth, gather energy and strength for the future.