Be the Change

Be The Change celebrates the center's rich history as a home for people of diverse spiritual traditions with a shared commitment to social justice and ecological sustainability. Each month features several special events that explore new social justice, environmental, and spiritual themes. These events and themes offer students and community members opportunities to learn about each other's beliefs and discover new ways everyone can use to work together to create a more just and sustainable society. Our schedule of themes for 2016 is available at the bottom of this page. Anyone interested in organizing additional events of a social justice, environmental, or spiritual nature is welcome to contact us at (618) 549-7387 or email: For 70 years, Gaia House Interfaith Center has offered programming focused on religious, spiritual, and cultural diversity. In 1943, it began as the Student Christian Foundation, an ecumenical Christian campus ministry that brought together people of many Christian denominations. Over time, it expanded to include people of many faiths, beliefs, and cultures. The center also has a long history of supporting social justice and environmental causes by providing community space and hosting events that address the many social and environmental questions of our lifetimes.

Social Justice Themes

JAN: Human Trafficking

FEB: Racial Justice

MAR: Women & Social Justice

APR: Child Abuse

MAY: Prisoners & Social Justice

JUN: Literacy

JUL: Civil Rights

AUG: Animal Rights

SEP: Peace & Nonviolence


NOV: Restorative Justice

DEC: Hunger & Homelessness

Environmental Themes

JAN: Conservation

FEB: Fracking

MAR: Apiculture

APR: Climate Change

MAY: Renewable Energy

JUN: Permaculture

JUL: Gardening

AUG: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

SEP: Shawnee National Forest

OCT: Divestment

NOV: Carbon Footprint

DEC: Pollution

Spiritual Themes

JAN: Taoism

FEB: Hinduism

MAR: Nonreligious

APR: Paganism

MAY: Quakerism

JUN: Buddhism

JUL: Unitarianism

AUG: Sufism

SEP: Judaism

OCT: Islam

NOV: Native American

DEC: Christianity